Bleeder Cleaner Selection Guide

Problem: Dangerous clogged bleeder valves

Solution: Bleeder Cleaners

Click FLOW BOSS™  INDESTRUCTIBLE DRILL “B” Series Bleeder Cleaners with indestructible drills designed for hard process materials where you need the toughest drills.

Click FLOW BOSS™   COKER “CKR” Series Bleeder Cleaners with indestructible drills and diaphram seals designed specifically resid/coke/asphalt/bunker/distillation bottoms.

Click  BLEEDER CLEANERS for models and specs for FLOW BOSS™ with standard drills for softer process materials – for hard process materials see above.

Click FLOW BOSS™ ALKY “HC” Series Cleaners  rod out tools with alloy designed specifically for Alky Units.

Click FLOW BOSS™ FCCU “CAT” Series Cleaners  rod out tools designed specifically for Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units.

Click FLOW BOSS™ REDUCED PORT BLEEDER CLEANERS  for small bore bleeder valves.

bleeder cleanerA bleeder cleaner, aka Flow Boss™, angleworm, rod out tool, orifice tap cleaner or tap reamer, allow clogged bleeder, drain, vent and instrument tap valves to be cleaned during normal operations up to 1000 degrees F (537 degrees C) and 1000 psi (6894 kPa).  In addition to the three styles below, specialized tools are available. All models (Patent No. 8,584,296).

Three tool styles:
Angle 90 bleeder cleaner or rod out tool
Angle 60 bleeder cleaner or rod out tool
Straight bleeder cleaner or rod out tool

Angle 60
Angle 90