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Ron Mysko – Husky Energy

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“…I did not know this would make some operators in the units so happy once again thank you for the quick service…” Ron Mysko – Husky Energy

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Safety Management Madness

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How expensive can a process recordable injury be to a facility? The staggering costs…Improving safety processes in your company can dramatically reduce the number of lost-time and minor injuries and their direct and indirect costs which can destroy projected earnings. The costs of worker injuries are huge: For example, in 2004, OSHA estimated the direct costs of a […]

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Sight Glass Lottery

Filed in Sight Glass Cleaner by on June 25, 2013

Suppose you’ve got a dirty sight glass. Furthermore, it’s located half way up the side of a 200 ft. tower. You’ve basically got three choices, if you are a normal sane human being. Two choices if you’re certifiably insane. For the sane: 1. Clean it in place with a sight glass cleaner 2. Replace each […]

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MacGyver BBQ

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MacGyver – we all know this guy. He got this gig at the refinery as an operator. But he can still send the Mars Rover into space with a stick of gum, a paperclip and a rubber band. He struts around his facilities seeking challenges. Soon enough he finds one. There’s a clogged bleeder valve. […]

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Flange Wedges And Ducks

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Hey, there is an article about our SafetyWedge™ on and BITS Blog is going to paraphrase and parse that article. Basically, this article names a guy who has used flange wedges and survived to contribute to an article. Here is kinda what he said, maybe. “Eventually, if you are a flange tech person, you […]

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Best Industrial Tool Stuff (BITS): A Biased Guide

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This industrial tool blog is about just that.  But Consumer Reports this is not. The site defines its mission loosely, and its approach to theoretically straightforward tool topics is offbeat.  The headlines alone are riveting: “Do Vendor Samples Seem Worthless Because They’re Free?”  “This Years ‘Tool Of The Year’ Award: Goes To Us.” “Is The […]

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