About American Maintenance Systems

Want the right high quality tool, at the right price, delivered quickly for your needs or the needs of your customers? American Maintenance Systems gives you exactly what you need, when you need it, to help you be successful.

People want high quality, fairly priced tools fast without any hassle. If you absolutely need special tools designed for your particular application, we can do that. If you need tools the same day or next day, we can do that too. In fact, we often have a hot-shot driver on call to take your tools to your location the same day.

Please call us at (512) 238-0962 ask for Chris Bennett or Art Doty


“If you have the opportunity to work with Art Doty, I am certain that you will have the same professional experience that I have had. I have worked with Art for 10 or more years. He treats his clients as though they are partners, and nothing less. It is refreshing to know that there are still businesses that say what they do and do what they say. AMS is such a company and their success is do to the guidance that Art provides. AMS is our partner, you will want to make them yours.”

“We have used their bleeder cleaners for years. These guys get it right every time and have an incredible safety record for no injuries with their products in 30 years. That’s amazing. You simply can’t beat the service too.”

“Coker Boss bleeder cleaners are a serious improvements above their competition, like indestructible drills. As they say, you cannot go wrong with quality. Believe me, nobody builds them better. And their service is amazing. Plus the folks over there are super helpful.”

“Flange Boss is the best flange spreader on the market today. It is safer than the others, faster than the others, and tougher than them all. Plus the price is right. We will continue to use these superb tool as long as we spread flanges.”